Our Transportation Services

Why Choose Us

SAW Transportation services is committed to providing reliable transportation services to local shelters and community agencies that assist individuals in getting back on their feet. We are affordable, dependable, and our highly trained drivers will get you and your clients to work safe and on time.

Fully Insured

Our company is fully insured with policies that cover injuries you sustain as a driver or passenger.

Flexible Schedules

We have drivers committed for pick-up and drop off for first and second shift positions.

Affordable Rates

We have reasonable daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly pick-up and drop off rates.

What We Offer & Service Areas

We are available to offer local transportation services to a number of providers within our greater community.

Day Labor Companies

We provide group transportation for day labor service providers.

Contractor Services

We offer group rates for transporting contractors to designated job sites.

Transitional Housing

We pick-up and drop of clients to transitional housing programs.


We pick-up and drop-off at local airports.

Staffing Agencies

We will pick-up for local staffing agencies.


We provide local pick-up and drop-off to all local shelters.

How Does The Process Works

Getting started with SAW Transportation is simple. Follow the instructions below.

Request Pick-Up

Contact us to schedule a dedicated and designated pick-up and drop off time. We ensure availability based off of our route.

Pay the Fare

Let us know if your preferred payment plan: daily, weekly, bi-weekly, on monthly. Pre-payment is required prior to beginning transportation services.

Receive Transportation

Our drivers will arrive to pick you up for your designated ride times at one of our specified pick-up and drop-off locations.